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Paul Morphy vs Duke of Brunswick and Count Isoard

“The Opera Game”

The Italian Opera House, Paris, France, November 2, 1858

In 1858, Paul Morphy visited The Italian Opera House in Paris, called Salle Le Peletier, which was designed and built by French architect Francois Debret in 1821. In 1822, innovative gas lighting was installed. On October 29, 1873, a raging fire, started by the new gas lighting, destroyed the theater. The theater burned for 27 hours. A sad loss. [Read more →]

The Queen Sacrifice! Magnus' Magnificent Checkmate!

Who?    Magnus Carlsen
Where? New York City
When?  November 2016
What?   World Chess Championship

In this position, Norway's World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen finds a Queen sacrifice checkmate-in-two to win the final game and defend his title against Sergey Karjakin! [Read more →]