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Solve Checkmate Puzzles and Improve Your Chess!

Solve a checkmate chess puzzle, enter the weekly drawing as often as you like, and win awesome prizes! Winners’ prizes are listed at ChessPuzzles. If you don’t win this week, try again next week! Many puzzles are posted daily!

Meet the 2018 Women's World Chess Champion!

China's Ju Wenjun is the new Women's World Chess Champion, defeating reigning champion Tan Zhongyi with a draw in the 10th and final game of the championship in Chongqing, China to win the title with a final score of 5.5 points - 4.5 points!

Meet the New 2018 U.S.A. Chess Champions!

Nazi Paikidze - 2018 USA Women's Chess Champion! Nazi defeats Annie Wang in Tiebreaks & Armageddon playoff! In Tiebreak Game 2 below, Paikidze threatens a beautiful 2-move checkmate!

Chess Exercises IQ & Improves Academic Skills!

Chess research shows adding chess to your child's life is a wise and smart move! Chess can do great things for kids! Below is a collection of studies that shows the ways chess makes a difference in your student's life. Research studies suggest chess improves academic skills and exercises intelligence!  It's your move!

Adding Chess To Homeschool Makes Kids Smarter!

Adding chess to the homeschool curriculum is a wise and smart move! Chess can do great things for kids! Research studies show the ways chess makes a difference in your student's life. The studies suggest chess exercises intelligence and improves academic skills!  It's your move!

Part 6: What Chess Teaches Kids About Life!

Learn What Chess Teaches Kids About Life! The Three Psychological Practices, when exercised, will build good habits that transfer to all areas of life.

Part 5: How to Promote Chess Clubs in Schools!

Learn How to Promote Chess Clubs in Schools? The Chess Ladder is the Key! The Ladder must be constructed so that students' names are "up in lights!" Why is the Chess Ladder so important to the success of the club? Competition and recognition, simply competition and recognition! Students and faculty quickly become very interested in who are the strongest chess players in the school.

Many students when they see their classmates' names on the Chess Ladders think, "I could beat that person." Then, they show up to chess club and participate in Chess Ladder Competition.

Part 4-6: Scholastic Chess Tournaments & Ratings!

Scholastic Chess Tournaments introduce students to more serious competition with chess players from other schools. Field trips to scholastic tournaments give students a sense of belonging--an opportunity to be part of a "team!" Ratings! At United States Chess Federation (USCF) sponsored tournaments, students earn USCF ratings.

Part 4-5: Chess Club Bughouse Tournaments!

Bughouse Chess is a fun way to unwind after a period of studying or playing standard chess, but a bad way to prepare for a serious competition. Bughouse Chess is fun, festive and addictive! And, FUN! Students sometimes like to wear costumes for Bughouse Chess! Advantages include fun, excitement, team play, piece placement, attacking flight squares and checkmate patterns...

Part 4-4: Chess Club Quad Tournaments - Inclusion!

Simply put, Quad Tournaments are fun! Quads give everyone an opportunity to win an award or a prize at their ability and experience level. Why students enjoy them so much, is that players of same strength and experience compete against each other. The less experienced players in Quads III and IV are able to win the same "First Place" certificates and prizes as their more experienced, stronger counterparts in Quad I and II.