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Chess Research
Chess can do great things for kids! Below is a collection of articles that delve into the ways chess can make a difference in your students life.

Chess improves reading, (PDF format, 8kb)

A new scientific study lends authoritative proof to what chess coaches have suspected all along: chess improves reading skills.

New York City's District 9 mid-elementary school students took part in a comprehensive study program. Chess- and non-chessplaying students volunteered. The results were reported in a study by Stuart Margulies, Ph.D., and stated that the test scores of the students in the NYC chess program were outstanding compared to those of the control groups.

All of the subjects took a reading test at the end of each school year. Reading gains of the groups were compared. The control groups were made up of (1) all non-chessplaying classmates or (2) non-chessplaying classmates who had the same average reading scores at the beginning of the year as the players. The chessplayers showed greater gains in reading as compared to either of the other control groups…

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Teachers Guide: Research and benefits of chess by Dr. Robert C. Ferguson

Chess is part of the curricula in nearly 30 countries. In Venezuela, Iceland, Russia and other countries, chess is a subject in all public schools.

In Vancouver, BC, the Math and Chess Learning Center, recognizing the correlation between chess playing and math skills development, has developed a series of workbooks to assist Canadian students in math…

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