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Meet the 2018 Women's World Chess Champion!

China's Ju Wenjun is the new Women's World Chess Champion, defeating reigning champion Tan Zhongyi with a draw in the 10th and final game of the championship in Chongqing, China to win the title with a final score of 5.5 points - 4.5 points!

Meet the New 2018 U.S.A. Chess Champions!

Nazi Paikidze - 2018 USA Women's Chess Champion! Nazi defeats Annie Wang in Tiebreaks & Armageddon playoff! In Tiebreak Game 2 below, Paikidze threatens a beautiful 2-move checkmate!

Carlsen vs Karjakin - The Magnificent Checkmate!

Magnus Carlsen from Norway defended his World Chess Championship against Sergey Karjakin from Russia with a magnificent queen sacrifice checkmate. Learn how he did it!

Paul Morphy vs Duke of Brunswick and Count Isoard

"The Opera Game" between Paul Morphy, America's de facto world chess champion, and the Duke and the Count. You'll never guess how Morphy won this battle.