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Top 2 Women Chess Players in the World
January 2019

by John Bain

China's Yifan Hou, rated 2662, is the #1 Rated Woman in the World.

China's Yifan Hou

#1 Rated Woman in the World

China's Ju Wenjun, the Women's World Chess Champion, at 2575 is the #2 rated woman in the world.

China's Ju Wenjun

Women's World Chess Champion
#2 Rated Woman in the World

Top 2 Chess Players in the World
January 2019

Norway's Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Champion and #1 rated player in the world at 2835, smiles after defending title.

Norway's Magnus Carlsen
The World Chess Champion
#1 Rated Chess Player in the World

USA's Fabiano Caruana is the #2 rated chess player in the world at 2828.

USA's Fabiano Caruana
#2 Rated Chess Player in the World 

The number of chess players who have earned titles.

1,629 Grandmasters Rated 2500+
415,468 FIDE Registered Players!

How many chess players are in the world, we don't know! We do know 415,468 chess players are registered with FIDE* worldwide: 320,066 are men; 95,402 are women. 1,627 of them are rated 2500+ and hold the Grandmaster title.

Of the men, 1,616 (.5%) of 320,066 are Grandmasters rated 2500+!

Of the women, only 11 (.015%) of 95,402 are Grandmasters rated 2500+!

*FIDE, Fédération Internationale des Échecs--is a French acronym for the World Chess Federation who provided the data, valid for January 2019.

FIDE awards the following titles:

International Master 
FIDE Master 
Candidate Master

FIDE awards titles to players based on complex rules, but the most important is their rating. A 2200 rating is required for a Candidate Master, 2300 for FIDE Master and so on. Once achieved, titles are for life.

In addition--and somewhat controversial--FIDE awards women separate titles--Woman Candidate Master, Woman FIDE Master, Woman International Master and Woman Grandmaster. The women's rating requirement for each title is 200 points lower than the general counterpart. Some women hold both titles!

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