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Christopher Yoo

USA's Youngest Ever International Chess Master!

by John Bain

Only 12 Years Old

Now 12 years old, Christopher Yoo, a San Francisco Bay Area local, has made history again, earning his International Master (IM) title at the Bay Area International Chess Tournament in January, 2019, becoming USA's Youngest Ever International Chess Master! 

Christopher Yoo, born on December 11, 2006, is a 12 year old Korean-American who learned to play chess shortly before he turned 7 and who a couple years ago made US Chess history by becoming the Youngest Ever USA Master at the age of 9 years and 11 months, just 30 days shy of his 10th birthday. 

Also on his path to USA's Youngest Ever International Chess Master, Yoo broke India's Praggnanandhaa's record for the youngest player ever to beat a 2700+ rated Grandmaster, but the Indian prodigy "Pragg" still holds the all-time mark for the Youngest Ever International Chess Master at 10 years old!

Christopher Yoo

With a birthday of December 19, 2006, Christopher was barely 12 years old when he broke another 12-year-old's record--USA's International Master's Arthur Guo's record.

Arthur Guo

Unseated After Only 6 Months!

No Longer USA's Youngest Ever International Chess Master! 

12-year-old IM Arthur Guo, who was a few weeks older than Yoo, held the record for only about 6 months after he earned the IM title earlier in the year--in July 2018 at the Pan-Am Youth Tournament in Ecuador. 

Youngest Ever Grandmaster?

USA's Youngest Ever Grandmaster? Yoo now has about 21 months before coming up against GM Sam Sevian's record for Youngest American Grandmaster in history (13 years, 10 months, 27 days). USA's Sam Sevian is #10 on the list of "The 10 Youngest Grandmasters in History."

World's Youngest Ever Grandmaster? Christopher Yoo now has about half a year to make history again if he could somehow manage to break Sergey Karjakin's mark for the World's Youngest Ever Grandmaster!

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